Tim Buckley




This section on Tim Buckley features material that for the most part was not used in Blue Melody. I say "for the most part," because some of the quotes in "America" appeared therein, as did some of the facts from other sections. I also utilize quotes from articles by other writers, all of whom are given proper credit. Other than that, most of the material here is new. Tim dreamed of writing a book about America, entitled Fear and Loathing In Tulsa. He never wrote the book, but the quotes I have assembled in "America" give a broad view of Tim's perceptions of this great country.

In the Blue Melody Pre-publication Interview, two Europeans, Toni Ruiz and Riny van Eijk, spoke with me about the evolution and development of my book, Blue Melody: Tim Buckley Remembered, and about several issues in Tim's life and music — including substance abuse, the clash of art and commerce, and Tim's untimely demise.

In the "Original Morning Glory Liners" I present the full, unedited version of the liner notes I wrote for Rhino Records' two-CD Tim Buckley Anthology. James Austin, Director of Rhino's A & R Special Products division, hired me to write these notes, but except for a few extrapolated paragraphs at the end of the booklet, he used none of them.

In 1995, jazz musician Daryl Patrick was one of the first to interview me about singer-songwriter Tim Buckley, who, among other things, was a great improviser — hence, Tim Buckley & Improvisation. It seems to me that the question of improvisation is profound. It demands absolute presence, self-transcendence, and unswerving loyalty to music's awesome power — one must be willing to serve music, not merely exploit it for wealth or fame. Improvisation demands self-awareness, courage, and consciousness, all of which, of course, are qualities that play significant roles in daily life as well.