Blue Melody Responses


Blue Melody is a truly magical read—insightful, intelligent, and beautifully written.

Steve McCormick, England

Buckley could hardly have asked for a more eloquent writer to tell his story.

Tierney Smith

I can't remember the last time I read a book as compulsively as Blue Melody. I've never read, or written, anything that brings Tim to life as fully, three-dimensionally and humanly as what you've done. Your portrait of Jeff is also incisive. And as if that weren't enough, the book strikes me as a true act of courage on your own part. 

Scott Isler, music journalist

I have just finished Blue Melody, weeping at the unspeakably honest story you have created. Your book is a masterpiece, and an ideal encomium for your dearest friend.

Blue Melody has also blessed me, truly, with so much passionate wisdom about meaning in an artist's life. I am a burgeoning artist, and your language and craftsmanship, which reached beyond in describing the beautiful transcendence of your experiences, have given me such an enormous amount of insight and pure emotion.

Put simply, your book has indelibly changed my life, as a person and as an artist, and I cannot begin to thank you (and Tim) for this gift.

I am forever obliged. Love supreme from this reader,

Jonathan Wilson Luck

As a professional biographer, I read countless books centered on people of fame. Blue Melody stands as one of the most fascinating, beautifully written, honest portrayals of friendship I have ever read. Tim Buckley was a very special person. Blue Melody is a very special book.

You might be familiar only with Tim's unique and wonderful music. By the end of this excellent book readers will have great insight into the man, his complicated mind, and the love, confusion and self-abuse that alternately drove him to create haunting music that will never be equaled or forgotten. Blue Melody is a book unlike any other. Read it. You'll likely never forget it.

Marley Brant (Author of Tales from the Rock 'N Roll Highway, and Freebirds: The Lynyrd Skynyrd Story)