He was a

Cyberspace Cowboy,

Ten-fingered, two-fisted,

Ambidextrous, a jovial


Who challenged deceit,

Pomposity, avarice,

Frowns, dirty tricks

And spurious reasoning

Wherever he found them.

He was a dazzley-smiling

Prestidigitating wordslinger,

Willy-wild and wide-eyed

When he rode these verbally

Swooshy whoop-de-doo waves,

A laughter-loving wordjock

Lassoing mellifluous polyphonic

Psycho-sonic brain tickling

Vocabularistic stormwinds

That purified oceans and air,

Resuscitated broken forests,

Ignited gold-shining lovelight

Inside pitch-dark minds,

And brought more chuckles

To the human race than a

Wicker basket full of

Woody Allen/Billy Crystal


His solution to worldly woes?

Hold hands with friends and

Dance around the campfire.

Listen to Jumpin' Johnny Bach

And wind in the pines.

Watch, listen, know, remember, share.

Love truly the

One you truly love.

And go to sleep smiling.

Cyberspace Cowboy,

O, Cyberspace Cowboy,

Come sing-sing-sing your songs


     Dance-dance-dance with me —


    Shed thy grace upon,

Shower thy grace on,

I mean —

RAIN-DRENCH thy joy-gleaming

Multifaceted hypersequipedalianistic

Pulchritudinous polysyllabic grace

Down upon each and every one of us

The wide-wide world over!

Cyberspace Cowboy