For Sonia

Even as we joy these days

    They fly beyond our grasp

        But grasping is not our way

            Time spirals on like wind

Cool        unstoppable        blue

These are the days our hearts sing

        We know the ways of time and joy

The ways our music soars up

            Into air like looping swallows

    Arching into light

        Soon gone, even on the wing,

            Just so

Neither asking nor grasping,

    We savor words, prolong each touch,

        Taste each slice of orange and pear,

            Each sip of tea and crunch of cashew,

Bask in the light of who we are together

    Demanding nothing from existence

                    That existence cannot give,

Thrilling in each quiet moment's grace,

        Astonished before the power

                   Of our love,

    Where once sickening fear and dark need

Held sway in aching hearts that knew

        Naught but time and death,

            Did not suspect the robust

              Eternity we now know

         Inside this second's passing—

How grand the new Spring leaves, ever fresh,

        How filled with song the canyon winds,

            How bright our aging eyes,

        Even as we witness orange suns

                   Descending into shadowed maws

  Sitting beside Winter's smartly crackling fire

        Watching feathered snowflakes blanket

            Dark green pines and leafless oaks,

    How warm our hands touching softly,

            How easy our smiles and gentle sighs,

    How amazing this journey

                                  The wonder of our lives