The first time here,

She found herself

More lost than found;

She'd known

Brooklyn streets

And drugstore laughter,

Clubroom thrills

And Coney Island wilds,

But what on Earth

Had those to do

With forest streams

And roads of dirt?

New York and L.A.'s

What she'd seen,

Urban provincial,

Subway schooled,

A stranger here

Among these windy pines,

The bluejay kings,

The purple silence

Of the mountains.

With me out there

Fishing pools, and gone,

She felt alone,

Then lonely,

Lost, she thought,

For sure.

It took awhile, and

Then she found

The Self

She knew

Was there within,

Or so she trusted.

All dropped away

Like veils of Dream--

Glass and steel,

Construction sites,

Neon glitter,

Factory smudge

And roaring bikes--

And there among

The trees and hills

And wind and sky,

She sat upon a rock,

A throne,

Eyes closed,

And breathed

A Universe

Into her soul:

She returned,

Lady Of The Streams.