Approaching Zero-Absolute

When I snarflee wu-wee low
And blow-blow-blow clearlight zot-gone
Snuggle-bundling under rumply covers
Grasp-clasping desolate misery to my aching breast O yes
And the darkly gloomy-dooms wing me swee-sway close to deathrush
When quivery-shivery skin-sleek treeble-trembles
Shake me rattled rolling eyeballs
Circle-round skullnight's rollicky rocketing brainflash,
Your seraphic presence sometimes bursts through fireblood curtains
Serenely haloed whiterobed gleamclean healthy-holy-whole
Whispering clarity and sanity and what could be if only we
Lived the right-light creative bright-light truly.
And yes as I shimmy-shake with brainflame's
Quiverquaking thundermusic spineshocks
Pursuing delirium o-blearium giggly-searing semi-conscious
Dreamweaving hypnotrantic intoxications
Wanting-yearning-needing no-thing zero-absolute,
And then think on thee,
Thy angelically compassionate glorylight,
Thy holy visiongrace pristine,
Thy spirit-wings and savior-hands,
It makes me want to
Get up out of bed stagger outside and piss all over the bushes.

Yes I know oblivion is not transcendence
But let me alone Go 'way Begone —
At least my misery's mine and holds me close
And gently bears me
Diver-deep down oceanslopes & dusk-dim beams
Into the heave-rolling undercool
Where sighing ghostfriends, swaying spectral fronds
And undulating shadowshades blessedly
Soothe my madness

Into merciful dreamdark silent sleep