I don't know much about God,

But I do know

She's black, with blue eyes,

Speaks Hebrew, and loves French pastry.

When she turns around,

He's a red-headed, brown-eyed Swede who

Speaks Tibetan with a Peruvian accent.

When he looks to the left,

She's Asian-yellow, 5'9" tall,

And her Icelandic chit-chat sounds like Italian.

When she looks to the right,

He's a green-eyed Indian Sikh who

Writes Spanish, and sells real estate in Brooklyn.

When he backflips,

She's a gentle orangoutang from Borneo,

With hazel eyes, flowers in her hair,

Thunderclouds and warm rainshowers in her hands.

When she swings on vines,

He's an Arctic polar bear, with blue sky in his eyes,

And all the world's oceans whispering in his ears.

When he playfully slides down a snow-slope,

She's a two-year-old little girl,

With blonde and red and black hair,

Who counts to three in 500 languages,

And cries and laughs in one language that

Mothers all over the world understand.

So what's to know?

Here, have a strawberry dipped in powdered sugar.

God is also delicious!