Where The White Swans Fly

Sing compassion’s song for he who cries, "No way out,"
Who celebrates despair's inertia,
Justifying insatiable desire by claiming
Separate mind-self, momentary life, and doomed.

The way out is in, the way up is through,
Who knows the center knows all, is all.
Who sings spirit electric beyond the body-brain
Becomes light, love, laughter, shining truth.

I would speak of that which cannot be worded,
Signal Spirit's flashing speed,
Instant revelation, that effulgent silence
Emanating celestial music Divine.

He who celebrates the prison, sings only bondage,
Laughter hollow, heart an ashen cinder,
Mind a riverflow of egoistic fears and needs —
Desperate craving cannot escape death's quick claw.

I would sing freedom's heartsong, joy's deliverance,
Twin melodies, love and understanding, elegant as
The white swans of Lake Manasarovar arising on the wing
Beauteous and serene, radiant as five hundred suns.