It's all a matter of break-it-out, heave-it-up, crack-whack,

Take another tick-tack, cracklesack-backpack

And let the MUSIC jack-smack me right back up there where

Time's a lightning storm, life's a madcap windblown bonfire,

Raw, lean, tough, rough, mean and wild as cometflames on a hot night,

Blowing fierce and fire, never tire, energy jump-thumping,

Heave-leaping high as mind over matter, billowing air,

Wailing thunderdrums, blazing guitars, squealing saxophones,

The Banshee voice, piano pounding-sounding-hounding

My quietude into seek-seeing madman's looney-bin delight-sight

In this sweet night turned bombshell blue, and

You really don't know the rolling-eyeballs table-dancing half of it!

Sick, tired, sick-and-tired-tired sick-sick-and-tired of comin' up lame,

Tame, ashamed, the same game bored day after day — O don't blame me,

Blame the blamers, the flame-tamers who try to kill me dead, you, too,

Every day, every nite, willy-wild pounded down, trampled in the sand —

Man, they want the damp rag weeping, not the stand-up, full-out, big-time

Heaving splash-dash lash your ass in a song that SINGS in spite of

Rules, suppression-tools, fences, boundaries, laws and facts that

Rip out throats of those who dare to complain the same mean-scene

Main-frame things that saints they killed and mystics they shunned

Have been wailing ballyhoo and howly-yowling a hundred years,

A thousand/two-thousand years, for rocks and green trees millennia —

The same crazy bright-light dudes — Jesus, Socrates, Buddha —

Still laughing in the fire, flames roaring all around, dancing, prancing —

Lao Tzu, Martin Luther King, Osho crying, "Stop snoring! You're snoring,

Boring, whoring, wasting your life away — Wake up and give a hoot,

Give a holler, give a damn, sing your song, stop sleepwalking, buying

Cars, houses, furs, champagne, diamonds, suits, coats, boats, planes —

Get a life, wake up, get a heart, get high, get hot, get laid

With your girlfriend, wife, the maid, your husband, the guy down the hall —

Live in love, not sleep, joy not politics, heat not frost,

Up not down, cheer not fear, LIFE not dummy-dum-dum death!"

And here I stand and see you, say to you, Yes, join me, Yes,

Let me do the same, no shame, no blame — loud as can be, OR

Whisper-quiet, bad-ass fierce, kitten gentle, lemon bitter, pin-up sweet,

Hank Jr. rowdy, linebacker tough, rock star crazy, TV lazy,

Any way, all ways, my way, your way — Think I'll hip-hop up the mountain,

Lay my head on a cloud, listen to stream water turn into a flood that

Clears and cleans the whole earth green and gives birth and rebirth to

New dawn sunrise-splashed orange-and-red-rose heavensongs

That wake us up, shake us up, break us up. Rebuild castle towers

That stretch up straight as lightbeams all the way to Heaven's Gate

And clack-jack, whack-crack, right-on-track back to be-here-now —

Here, where we belong, not there — Now, where we are, not then —

You got a better way? Gotta better song? Gotta song at all?

Then sing it, fling it, heave it up and out into the glory-air —

You are the one, full of fun, blissed out, blessed and supercool,

One of a kind, unique in all the world, in all the universe, for all time —

Sing it, baby, Sing it, beauty, Sing it whoever, wherever, whenever,

However, whatever and whyever you are — celebrate yourself right now!

Choo-choo-choo-choo —

                                   Ooooooooo —

Take it on, take it up, take it out — WHA-BAM!


(To be read aloud as fast as possible)