Here they are again —

These swooshword glorychimes

Swirlywhirling my mindfire's

Marblely-garblely moon-zoned spirit flames,

Tickly-tackling tongue-twisting brain-tilting rhythmswings

Like these wing-singing windsong cometstreaks

You make me dream,

Even as you catch me gently sleek-touching

Your elegantly rounded shoulder's rose-of-heaven skin

Within my laughter-prancing visionary passionscapes —

Never meant to be cloud-round bluesky real


A capricious poet's lighthearted vagabond wanderings


Fleeting moment's pristine aesthetic dalliance


Velvetfingered mindflash appreciation

Of your

Astonishing seal-sleek pulse-pumping

Be-generous-janourous Junesong nature-gifts

In the

Flower-showering red and yellow Springtime

Of your life.

How bewitchingly you awaken these open-eyed

Jingle-swinging mind-toppling reveries

As you gracefully sit and dine

Numinously illumined in captivating smiles and glowing curves,

You the model ideal and dream

A refulgent angel-vision

Opalescent in rainbow wisps and vibrant hues

Chatting and shimmering as if you didn't even know

The intoxicated beautymadness

You incite in one like me,

The tweekly-sparkling blaze-blaring bonfires you enkindle

The fever-flaring dream-musics twirly-whirling aswirly-wild

In pealing chimes and dizzily-spiraling moonsongs —

All properly self-contained of course in suits and gowns

Ticklely-tuckled napkins Chinablue plates and white-tablecloth words

Discreetly neutered and decorously burnished to fit

Our lambent candlelight tinkle-tingling crystal-glass occasion —

But God

How your magical

Slow motion movements

Arching lines and curvaceous waveslopes

Tripple-whip/trip-me-up galore,

Especially when you savor-sip red wine

Mischievously glance my way

And flash-peek dartly-quick to me

A pink tip-tongue promise

Within your utterly bedazzling

Diamond-gleaming glisten-smile!

Velvetfingered Mindflash

In the spirit of humor and delight,

For all women of all ages everywhere