God, how a bright smile

Thrills the heebie-jeebies right out me soul,

Sings me laughing up to heaven's gate, and so far beyond,

Dazzle-sailing me out of myself, ecstatic, standing watching loving,

Falling upward into the cheery-eyes and rosy cheeked hallelujah-smile

Of a soul wide awake, alert, alive, joyously-deeply breathing essence-life, Radiating peace-love-bliss rainbow-splashing music-ecstatico,

Laughter's flickery-joy, smiley-dancing featherlight in air and sky,

A smile so wide-eyed dreamsong love-charged beamdance

White teeth and rose-tongue sweetly charming soft-blush mouth,

Swaying from the waist, aswirl in longhair swooshy circles,

Bare feet a twirly-round, a twirly-round-sound,

Wildhair windsinging in the dance-rush —

                              Glory be!

Me bedazzled here atwirl and joyburst immersed in the good vibes tribe,

Sunsplashed ancient as Jericho's dusty festival streets,

As starlight immediate as my glitter-eyes a-smiling,

Dancing in the lovewind wild, arms raised, open and closed eyes skyward,

Seeing all our lives spiralwhirling like suns and moons and diamond stars,

Her smile letting me know she loves her soul and self and

Everybody here and everywhere, everywhen, everyhow —

                              My god!

There I go again, flying in that endless blue sky, laughing with the birds,

Arms a-glide-wide, sailing those swoosy-whooshy currents,

My singing soul so alive and true and in love,

Smiling and singing and dancing awhirl,

Electrostatic jumping joy out of self, out of mind,

Beyond the I-me, you-me,

                 Into the we-all, be-all, see-all,

          Thrilling my heebie-jeebies up and out and —




Lost AND Found

Right Here, Right Now,

In The Good Vibes Tribe