Quallywog out and away this silly dreepletune,

This diggyspleen bilestorm blue!

Flutterstroke our weepysads to joywaters heave-ho splashflow,

Let laughter peal from bell to waveside beachsand ocean swells—

Who wish-wants

To dribbly-cry and mewly-moan hiss

These summer nights away —

When moonsongs could ringa-ding wine-sweet kisses

And whispery strokewords in wooly-weewild nitethrills,

When dream-delights could wake and dance our tears

Up-up-gone to singwe both our heartsong's joysmiles?

Out with these

Drippy dreep-dreary sputtle-tudds!

Let our twinkly-feet dance the moon-jig up and down the foamline.

Let our smiley-wileys weekle heaven-high starwinged lovercries!

Let our moonsheen yearn-dreams fling-prance this silvery night away —

And know we're side-by-side in jig-spriggy leaps and whoopee-song

Together by the sea in timeless lovers' arms a rolley-tumble,

Here as one in splooshy joysplash watersinging melodies

Laughter-tumbling our hearts' delight every time we see-so/say-so!

Let us softly close our lover-eyes and magically dream us herenow

As, yes, we lively-loop and spiralspin across the moon's full face

I see you now and you see me

And yes O yes

This giddy year-long splashlaughing dreamsong

Tingle-tips us dance-prancing/swinglesinging

All the way to swirlystars!

All the Way to Swirlystars