That sweet yearning to be with you
I know so well,
And yet it's new each time

It's new like Spring's joysmile,
A cyclic revelation, a startling surprise,
Well, hello there, who are you?

How beautiful you are with all these years,
A womanchild, delightful, vibrant,
Unbroken, still brave, loving, strong

I feel just as shy as you do
Even with our journeys, memories, and
Streaming time-winds outside our door

Yes, when we close our eyes and sweep each other
Into silk and clouds and rushing waters
I still get lost in bliss, just like I used to

Who are you? I'll never completely know,
But you're the one I've always loved,
Even before you charmed me

Just by being gentle, the way you see and understand,
The way your strength helps without hurting,
The way you embody compassion, beauty, trust

And so we travel on in love, warmth, joy,
Bright-eyed, smiling, heart-to-heart,
Two as one, together always

Together Always

For Sonia